Sick but should be up soon

yay tissue

So I’ve been sic making shooting video all but impossible but here are some quick reviews that i was going to post between tumblr and here as well as some site news.

Quick Reviews

Saw Les Mis in theaters, great acting and faithful story telling with awesome set design, too bad the cinematography runs the gambit between lazy and almost passing, the sound work was awful, and the awkward pauses and some times porely setup singing roles make this fail as a movie opera.

After wrestling with a busted tire in the rain I got a new gaming rig to make reviewing easier too bad windows 8 is far from anything I’d call a desktop operating system, its windows 7 with a faster boot up and an interface which would only make sense on a tablet or phone. Allows me to enjoy DayZ though and is very stable and visually the most pulled together version of windows.

Site News

My next review will actually be of a Pen & Paper RPG, as a tradition im going to review a traditional rpg at the begining of each month, about a week after that wing commander will return for the conclusion of the first game and I will continue from there possibly into other games.

Please note there may be a one week or more delay as I build a back log of reviews for wing commander and similar titles.

Until then I’ll see you guys when I’m feeling better

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