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Archive for January, 2013

Ghost Recon Online Beta Review / Impressions

SITE NEWS – New Video Shorts

Hello all chronicler here announcing a new mini video series to bridge the gap between entertainment reviews.

I do plan on returning to the entertainment reviews but for now I’m going to pre-shoot those to allow for longer better edited videos.

What to expect from the site from here on out

  • Regular text posts talking about gaming issues and games in general
  • Video reviews where I talk about flavor of the week games that I’m playing which I will post to youtube
  • An Eventual Return of entertainment style reviews on my blip channel.

It may seem a bit wasteful but I did make the youtube channel before the blip channel and I want to make use of it for more quick reviews rather than the entertainment style ones that take a VERY long time to develop.

I hope you enjoy the new subseries and I look forward to returning to the primary video series soon.

Free to pay vs free to play, with adds

perfectworld-dot-comRecently while playing Ghost Recon Online (now in open beta), it occurred to me I haven’t made enough blog posts.

The game also outlines what i hope could be some new trends in the PC free to play market.

Most of these games are often teased as being Free to Pay and not free to play due to often requiring players spend upwards of $40-60 inorder to actually get a desirable playing experience.

While still the case with some games like PlanetSide2, I find that GRO (Ghost Recon Online) could be the light at the end of the tunnel much like DLC prices, after they finished testing us to decide how much we where willing to pay during the days of old Xbox Live.