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Chronicast #04 Real Magic Would be Sience

One of my biggest pet peeves is games which use magic as an excuse instead of a building block.

On a side note video game magic is still very weak-sauce when compared to the kind of casting you see in movies like Frozen, would like to be able to magic myself a house or maybe a training exercise with cleaning a room with autonomous  brooms and such.

Just saying even green lanterns have to learn to multitask.

Can we be honest about JRPGs?

I am a JRPG Fan, and I’m not entirely embarrassed about that fact. What little embarrassment there is often stems from games that slip past judgement and become hallmarks of the industry.

I’m often frustrated by the way the video game reviews industry has tried to work with the JRPG fan-base. It’s becoming more necessary to compare opinions. Some people prattle on about the combat system (often the least interesting part) and some get hung up on singular story elements. While all we, the fans, want is a complete and concise evaluation, similar to those found for almost any FPS, Racer, or Western RPG.


Video Game Romance

Romance can be found in nearly every genre of video games. From first person shooters to racing simulators to dating simulations, it’s inescapable.¬† In that case though, why do we constantly see the romance itself being handled so poorly? More…