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Posts tagged ‘Editorial’

The Immature M rated games

What if M rated games where only sold to adults like their cinema counterparts. Not to shield children, but to build for adult interests. Currently every game made assumes children may play it, thus including them in the target audience. In my perfect world the M rating would be taken seriously as it would limit your audience to being college aged and older.

It appears to me that we have created two thoroughly undeserved audiences; we are selling games to adults that intentionally appeal to children. One could assume that the T rating serves no purpose. However, most games contain at best PG-13 subject matter and similar mindset in regards to content quality.

I enjoy the silly and the strange, but I want more video games made purely for the adult audience.


Make a new product before ruining this one

Ever play a video game that seems like it’s trying too hard to be a different video game?

Need for Speed Shift, I would have liked it if only the game was focused. Had it been entirely arcade or entirely a simulation (like Forza), I might have actually enjoyed it instead of getting my money back. More…

What Should An Online Console Be

The Almost Online Consoles PS4 & Xbox OneThere is a way to make a reasonable online console without making a DRM monster.

Sony and Microsoft can now, with their internet enabled consoles, build policies and practices that would enable the next generation of consoles to completely forgo disk based gaming, without having to completely disenfranchise gamers.


Free to pay vs free to play, with adds

perfectworld-dot-comRecently while playing Ghost Recon Online (now in open beta), it occurred to me I haven’t made enough blog posts.

The game also outlines what i hope could be some new trends in the PC free to play market.

Most of these games are often teased as being Free to Pay and not free to play due to often requiring players spend upwards of $40-60 inorder to actually get a desirable playing experience.

While still the case with some games like PlanetSide2, I find that GRO (Ghost Recon Online) could be the light at the end of the tunnel much like DLC prices, after they finished testing us to decide how much we where willing to pay during the days of old Xbox Live.



Halo 4 vs Black Ops 2

With the release of Halo 4 only a week apart from Black Ops 2, one should wonder whether these titans will overshadow one another. While the games are wildly different from a visual perspective, they share a lot in common. They both have a knack for interesting single player campaigns and both feature multiplayer that has e-sports in mind (though to varying degrees). Let’s run the list:

Video Game Romance

Romance can be found in nearly every genre of video games. From first person shooters to racing simulators to dating simulations, it’s inescapable.  In that case though, why do we constantly see the romance itself being handled so poorly? More…