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Chronicast #04 Real Magic Would be Sience

One of my biggest pet peeves is games which use magic as an excuse instead of a building block.

On a side note video game magic is still very weak-sauce when compared to the kind of casting you see in movies like Frozen, would like to be able to magic myself a house or maybe a training exercise with cleaning a room with autonomous  brooms and such.

Just saying even green lanterns have to learn to multitask.

Chronicast #03 Not Every Word is Copyright

A delayed post about needless changing and copyrighting of words in relation to gaming.

Such as the use of Destiny instead of Luck

Intentionally Flawed Game Releases Podcast 2

This week I talk about intentionally Flawed game releases after an especially disastrous year for certain dev teams.

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Defining Better Graphics (FIRST PODCAST)

Decided to go ahead and start my podcast with a short discussion about what better graphics can mean in broadened terms.

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The Disney effect – Realizing the Open World

With Skyrim, GTA V, and Assassin’s creed 4, Triple A gaming has finally managed to Open up the Open World (Sand Box) game design.

I feel it’s time to quantify how games can encourage a more open play environment, and divine a standard for the future.

Sky Diving in GTA V a pynical in open world gaming


The Immature M rated games

What if M rated games where only sold to adults like their cinema counterparts. Not to shield children, but to build for adult interests. Currently every game made assumes children may play it, thus including them in the target audience. In my perfect world the M rating would be taken seriously as it would limit your audience to being college aged and older.

It appears to me that we have created two thoroughly undeserved audiences; we are selling games to adults that intentionally appeal to children. One could assume that the T rating serves no purpose. However, most games contain at best PG-13 subject matter and similar mindset in regards to content quality.

I enjoy the silly and the strange, but I want more video games made purely for the adult audience.