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Posts tagged ‘World Building’

Sequels for the One Off

As a nerd I hate when a story decides a universe ends with its main characters.

Recently it’s been suggested that the “One Off” video game is too expensive to produce, and no one wants another Highlander sequel. However it’s not impossible to continue a mythos or universe.

This got me on the line of thinking what if they did make, just as an example, a Last of Us Sequel (Last of Us 2 Knights of the Damned). I would set the sequel in England, you’d have to retake the ravaged British islands. Joel and Ellie are still in America doing whatever; the new version would simply be King Arthur vs Zombies with improvised weapons.

Maybe it’s not a worthy game story but it’d be a way of doing more with the Last of Us universe.

That’s not to say that every game universe can be expanded into a sequel. For the games with non-recyclable settings you can always recycle the game assets.