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Posts tagged ‘Cloud Gaming’

What Should An Online Console Be

The Almost Online Consoles PS4 & Xbox OneThere is a way to make a reasonable online console without making a DRM monster.

Sony and Microsoft can now, with their internet enabled consoles, build policies and practices that would enable the next generation of consoles to completely forgo disk based gaming, without having to completely disenfranchise gamers.


Xbox One Cloud Deconstructed

Xbox One, it Doesn't play games the servers do?
How our limitations should become features

I am an 11 year veteran of Xbox Live and a big fan of the platform but when I hear these marketing terms slung around it I feel I must clarify a few things.

Please join me as I try to explain how some of the things that we have been promised are in fact much less glamorous than they seem. More…

How the Xbox One could Win Us Over

Games should be a service, the kind that extend the life of the game and reward us for permanent ownership