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Sequels for the One Off

As a nerd I hate when a story decides a universe ends with its main characters.

Recently it’s been suggested that the “One Off” video game is too expensive to produce, and no one wants another Highlander sequel. However it’s not impossible to continue a mythos or universe.

This got me on the line of thinking what if they did make, just as an example, a Last of Us Sequel (Last of Us 2 Knights of the Damned). I would set the sequel in England, you’d have to retake the ravaged British islands. Joel and Ellie are still in America doing whatever; the new version would simply be King Arthur vs Zombies with improvised weapons.

Maybe it’s not a worthy game story but it’d be a way of doing more with the Last of Us universe.

That’s not to say that every game universe can be expanded into a sequel. For the games with non-recyclable settings you can always recycle the game assets.


The Fan Fiction Game

I think you can’t rate Shadow Run solely on its included story; Shadow Run should, instead, be rated on its ability to allow amateur game designers, fan fiction writers, and dungeon masters to tell their own stories.

It’s my interpretation that the campaign, which teases of greater story options, intentionally provokes player’s creativity. The included modding tools are already in use and I look forward to playing the story driven campaigns (now works in progress), built by members of the community.


Can we be honest about JRPGs?

I am a JRPG Fan, and I’m not entirely embarrassed about that fact. What little embarrassment there is often stems from games that slip past judgement and become hallmarks of the industry.

I’m often frustrated by the way the video game reviews industry has tried to work with the JRPG fan-base. It’s becoming more necessary to compare opinions. Some people prattle on about the combat system (often the least interesting part) and some get hung up on singular story elements. While all we, the fans, want is a complete and concise evaluation, similar to those found for almost any FPS, Racer, or Western RPG.


Make a new product before ruining this one

Ever play a video game that seems like it’s trying too hard to be a different video game?

Need for Speed Shift, I would have liked it if only the game was focused. Had it been entirely arcade or entirely a simulation (like Forza), I might have actually enjoyed it instead of getting my money back. More…

What Should An Online Console Be

The Almost Online Consoles PS4 & Xbox OneThere is a way to make a reasonable online console without making a DRM monster.

Sony and Microsoft can now, with their internet enabled consoles, build policies and practices that would enable the next generation of consoles to completely forgo disk based gaming, without having to completely disenfranchise gamers.


Xbox One Cloud Deconstructed

Xbox One, it Doesn't play games the servers do?
How our limitations should become features

I am an 11 year veteran of Xbox Live and a big fan of the platform but when I hear these marketing terms slung around it I feel I must clarify a few things.

Please join me as I try to explain how some of the things that we have been promised are in fact much less glamorous than they seem. More…