How sony can put some nails in the coffin

So after Microsoft fails to have more than one exclusive (even halo only made a cut-scene cameo) the ball is in Sony’s court to shut down Microsoft.

The PS4 can be just as online as the 360

The cloud is a bit of a fickle mistress in that it’s kinda a BS way of saying, we have a file server that things can connect to. Because of this Sony can tout cloud esq features and widdle down Microsoft’s argument for connected games being something only it can do.

Show us a REAL exclusive

Don’t get me wrong Rise looks cool but it’s not really a reason to go out and buy an Xbox, most of the games I am really looking forward to are also coming out on PC, and by the looks of them they can be played on PC’s similarly priced but much more useful than the Xbox one.

Beat the Price Point

Yes Sony release the PS3 at a whopping $600 dollars but that was an experimental console with huge leaps ahead of its predecessor. The get in early mentality worked because it’s built of new things and did things play-station owners hadn’t seen before.

The PS4 is an AMD gaming machine, time to take advantage of that and lower the price of entry.

Steal some Games

Microsoft conveniently forgot to tell us that some of their games where going to be out for PC as well, lets take advantage of that to show some of the cross-platform titles that aren’t being held hostage.


This is a low blow but all is fair in love and war.

It’s been a repeated point that it would be sad for PS4 to join Microsoft in its draconian drm model. This contradicts statements that Sony has made in the past saying they wont interfere with Disk based distributions and would not prevent the trading of games AND will not need a constant (presumably ever) online connection.

Before you say I’m PS4 biased I’m not the facts are.


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