About – The Chronicler

  • Name : Peter Bustraan
  • Vocation : Software Engineer
  • Years Gaming : 15
  • Console Range : NES – PS3/360
  • Top Fav Genres
  • JRPG (Tales Of, etc . . .)
  • Adventure/American RPG
  • FPS: (Halo, BF, COD)
  • Favorite Clasic Games
  • Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit
  • Wing Commander 3
  • Decent 2
I started gaming at a very young age and grew up during the early 90’s during the tween of 2D to 3D allot of great games came out around that time and I don’t hear enough people talk about them. I decided as a result to start this site review those games in different degrees to talk about games old and new hopefully providing historical context for them. I don’t pretend to be a gaming guru or even the most skilled but I’m a gamer who started with $20 and an NES and never stopped, I hope only to em part my view point and reserve a spot for video games in history.


This site is a bit hard to put into a paragraph so here is your lovely FAQ

Q: What is This Site

A: In mid 2010 a pair of friends got together and tried to make an Internet review video inspired by theSpoonyExperiment and TGWTG, it was an unfocused mess but they kept trying and eventually out came this website.

Q: What software do you use to run this site

A: I’m using a heavily customized version of word-press since, It saves me time and the practice is good for someone who does as much work in web dev as I do.

Q: What is the point of The Game Chronicler

A: While the overall site is meant as an amalgam of essentially entertainment vlogs, the Chronicler himself or myself is a character i designed with the intended purpose of preserving video games that deserve a place in history. Since people tend not to read anymore I decided to make videos of this and to try and be entertaining. While the format is most obviously derived from critics at TGWTG I actually pull most of the idea from THE CARTOON HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE which was my first real adventure through the history of the world as we know it.

Q: Why the dreadlocks

A: Being of mixed race and having African-American hair you have about 6 hair styles if you’re a guy most of which are for pimps drug dealers or being bald, you tell me what you’d put on your head.

Q: How Did you Make Your avatar

A: I traced a KOF image at a low resolution and made a few tweaks, was sure to put credit here, image of KYO used for tracing is the property of SNK PLaymore/NeoGeo Corp, alterations where made for legal distinction

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