About – Kitla


  • Name: Jerica Kelly
  • Vocation: Full Time Student
  • Years Gaming: ~ Ten years
  • Consoles: PS2, PS3, GameCube, Wii, GBA, PSP
  • Top Fave Genres: RPG, JRPG, Farming Simulations
  • Top Five Fave Games: Dark Cloud, Tales of Graces f, Dragon Quest 8, Last Story, Harvest Moon series

[clear][box icon=none align=right width=”100%”]Hi! I’ve been playing video games on and off for a while, but I do love them. I also like discussing them at length, working out theories about the games and their storylines or specific characters. I look forward to being part of The Game Chronicler![/box]


Q: Why do you write for this site?

[box icon=none iconside=left width=”100%”]A: I like video games, writing, and picking at plot holes and other inconsistencies. So it just seemed natural to write for The Game Chronicler. Plus it’s fun![/box]

Q: What games do you like to play?

[box icon=none iconside=left width=”100%”]A: Mostly RPGs but lately I’ve gotten into JRPGs as well and I’d like to play more of those. Of course, the Harvest Moon series has a special place in my heart.[/box]

Q: Does that mean you also like Rune Factory?

[box icon=none iconside=left width=”100%”]A: No. Next question please.[/box]

Q: What is your biggest game peeve?

[box icon=none iconside=left width=”100%”]A: There’s a lot of them unfortunately. Unfinished storylines, errors made during import/translation, glitched boss fights, the list goes on and on really.[/box]

Q: Are you really that small?

[box icon=none iconside=left width=”100%”]A: I’m a normal sized girl that has an odd habit of taking pictures next to large things.[/box]

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